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An Exclusive Designer for each Kitchen


Discover the designer of Tetrix, Crystal and Flux

Every modern kitchen has a truly unique style given by shapes, colours and materials that have been carefully considered and selected. Each designer, using their flair, breathes life into creating exclusive models that can excite yet at the same time serve as highly functional.

Every kitchen is unique.

That's why Scavolini endeavours always to work with the most respected names in the design world.

Michael Young for Tetrix: a kitchen ahead of its time
For this project we started from the desire to create an aesthetic with no horizons, playing with the elements on horizontal axes and discovering all the compositional possibilities. With a brand-new point of view for the kitchen world." Michael Young

Creative and experimental, Michael Young has applied all his spontaneous sense of style to Tetrix, a beautiful modular kitchen with cutting-edge geometric dimensions. The characteristics of this model revolve around the concept of total freedom of composition and colour combination that allows customers to even further personalize their environment.
Fabrizio Giugiaro for Flux: a futuristic kitchen
Our approach to this project has been to combine the need to design an innovative kitchen concept with the requirement of modularity that is typical of an industrial product. Thus we started by thinking of offering a curved dynamic shape for all the storage elements – wall and base units – which would be enhanced by contrasting with the technical elements – tall refrigerator and oven units – which are more austere and linear." Fabrizio Giugiaro
The result of Fabrizio Giugiaro's work, Flux, is a kitchen with a futuristic flavour, where curved and linear shapes, colour contrasts, materials and fascinating configurations transform the kitchen environment into a perfect blend of contemporary design and everyday functionality.
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