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King & Miranda introduce Scenery by Scavolini

The kitchen as stage set.

"From the outset, we envisioned a kitchen environment for people who are not too keen on formalities, that somehow like to enjoy friendly and pleasure-filled moments while sharing meals together with their guests."

From the start of this project, we identified two main aims: the creation of new forms and layouts which would meet the needs of new kitchen lifestyles, and the creation of new finishes to satisfy the demands of contemporary users. There is no mistaking the statistics: the bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms in the house we are prepared to spend the most on, and where investments in furnishings and concepts are highest. They are two rooms whose nature has been radically transformed. The kitchen has become the centre of social life and the place where families meet and interact. The kitchen is herefore invading the living-room and incorporating many of its functions, while at the same time the person doing the cooking wants to take part in family interactions and a guest does not want to be cut off from the person who is preparing his dinner.

The broad opening-out of our stage-set kitchen aims to respond to these needs for involvement and socialisation, while still solving the problems of the almost inevitable untidiness, excess heat, humidity and smells created by almost all of us, except of course for the elusive “perfect cook“, when at work. When it came to finishes, on the other hand, we started from the idea that very probably wooden kitchens owe a great deal of their popularity to the richness and variety of textures and colours this natural material can provide.
We thought it was a pity that this richness of surfaces should automatically be unavailable to those choosing a more high-tech finish such as lacquer or glass. So we worked on finishes which would provide these surfaces with the subtle reflection effects and almost imperceptible changes of texture found in wood. The lacquered or glass finishes in Scenery set out to respond to this demand for warmth and richness, by creating the high-tech boiserie.
King & Miranda

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