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Stone, mortar and wood effect

Colours and materials

Materials as decorating elements...

Innovative solututions with sophisticated surfaces and realistic imitations, influenced by fashion and architecture.
Among the most popular effects is the perfect imitation of materials like stone, metal or wood.

Stone effect
The stone effect is one of the most popular styles of these last years.
Here, mostly low-thickness porcelain stoneware doors magnificently reproduces the irregularities, the colors and the veins of natural stone for a a contemporary look that is rather urban and industrial, but it can also be used to create more traditional, rustic atmospheres, country and ecological. 

In addition to its beauty and the wealth of possibilities it offers, stoneware is resistant to cuts, abrasions, water and temperature changes, it will not deform and it guarantees an exceptionally long life for surfaces.
With porcelain stoneware the greatest aesthetic similarity is sought but also the greatest durability. 
Mortar and metal effects
Materials from urban environments like mortar and metal are also imitated. 
Suitable for modern style furnishings, these doors can be most harmoniously used in the large spaces typical of a certain type of contemporary architecture. For this genre grey and brown tones, often containing metallic flashes, are prevalent.
Carefully chosen materials and colour combinations add great personality to the kitchen: Fade Oak decorative melamine base units and tall units, Vertigo decorative melamine in the central island and wall units, coordinated with Vertigo mortar-effect laminate worktops and wall cladding and, lastly, a London Grey Fenix NTM worktop and wall cladding in the washing area (picture on the right).
Wood and leather effect
Tactile sensations for wood and leather doors.
Some solutions have irregularites with the ruggedness and the texture of "living" materials like wood and leather. Wood-like doors are by now an established popular style whereas the leather texture is something new: the worked surface and the subtle weave of leather recreate the effect of softness or, in other cases, fashionable variants create trendy doors.
Wood certainly creates a warmer and more welcoming environment, but that's not all. It can be the starting point that gives direction to the style of the whole house, determining the choice of kitchen furniture and the finish of the walls as well.
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