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Kitchen Atelier. A kitchen flawlessly functional.

Design & Style

Atelier, the kitchen that shapes the environment.

A classic kitchen style inspired by the world of fashion, elements recalling the work of a tailor: this is Atelier, the latest Scavolini Basic proposal.

A classic but unconventional flavour

Unprecedented fabric effects and contemporary joining elements between kitchen and living room.

Total practicality
The first characteristic that makes Atelier stand out from the crowd is the attention to elements able to ensure absolute practicality.

In the composition shown to the right, the peninsula table 'Plurimo' is proposed as a way to multiply spaces in an original fashion.

This convivial solution combines a spacious, fully-equipped area with a table for family and guests in a single area.

Elements with a dual soul

Another key element of Atelier, now a cornerstone of many different kitchen models, are those created to furnish the environments leading off from the kitchen.

The contemporary review of the traditional "display cabinet"(see potograph to the left) is a brand new feature, proposed in a modern Absolute White Oak version with fabri-effect glass.

Unprecedented materials

Reigning supreme in this kitchen we have the unprecedented doors in fabric-effect laminate and glass.

In the basket containers with framed door, the fabric-effect laminate is combined with the Absolute White Oka and the Bamboo laminate of the top, creating an evocative, stylish detail.

In the cupboards, this unique fabric-effect texture is applied to the glass, creatively transforming display cabinets and redefining style.

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