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Belvedere: the appeal of the family life of bygone days

Design & Style

In the kitchen the magic of the past

Belvedere is one of the most traditional models in the Scavolini line.
It perfectly combines an atmosphere of tradition and the simple ways of the past with the guarantee of a kitchen manufactured using the most innovative techniques.

The traditional style

Belvedere is characterized by the meticulous attention to detail and a special technique for reproducing the traditional style and the signs left by time passing by.

The old country houses

The design of Belvedere's components is inspired by the conventions of old country houses. This is not limited to aesthetics: once shaped and profiled, the wooden elements are finished with an exquisite  hand-finishing procedure which enhances the values and contents of the Italian manufacturing tradition. The wood pieces used in the Belvedere kitchen are finished by hand with a fine craft technique that reproduces antique effects.

This allows the grain to show through and the pleasant variations of colour convey an agreeable time-worn look.


The taste for tradition

In the composition with Light Blue doors is personalised with a central island featuring a striking and convenient hanging bar.
A solution in tune with contemporary needs, but which does not betray the taste for tradition highlighted by the large chimney hood, the wicker baskets, the accurate design of the various components and the handcrafted wood finish.

A lot of opportunities of personalisation

The hand-finishing, the vast range of colours and the option of customised features offer a tailor-made kitchen of real prestige, where the tradition of hand-crafted and finished wood is integrated with the functional dictates of the modern kitchen.

There are many opportunities of personalisation, thanks also to the large assortment of complementary items and accessories that enhance the line's character, including cornices, midway units, chimney hoods, table and chairs.

Scavolini has reinterpreted tradition with the Belvedere kitchen

The taste is evolving and purchasers increasingly prefer products that have cheerful, sociable connotations.
This is leading to an emphasis on light colours and furnishing compositions that encourage socialisation and interaction, as in the family kitchens of bygone days.

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