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Motus living: infinite furnishing choices

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Continuity between rooms with the new and versatile Wall System

In Motus project, kitchen and living room enter into perfect symbiosis thanks to the introduction of elements for the living area: a "Fluida" wall system that makes designing your own space even more versatile. A horizontal and vertical system with specifically designed elements (in heights that can reach the ceiling) and which can be fitted together in two different ways (either connected to or detached from the kitchen); it can also be used as a partition system between rooms (the support system is also available in a double-sided version).
Great modularity and flexibility makes it possible to design and create any “imaginable” living room solution in harmonious correlation with the functional areas.
"Fluida" Wall system
Two of the many solutions possible with the "Fluida" wall system that Scavolini has introduced into the Motus project: perfect for the creation of bookcases and for freely defining storage areas with flap doors or pull-out baskets.
The two sides of the "Fluida" wall system can be developed differently to better relate to the rooms they divide. And so, for example, if on one side there are doors, on the other there may be a space for the insertion of a television. 
Another proposal for the "Fluida" partition system, in which we might also imagine an entrance to the two communicating areas.  Both rooms can “dialogue” or interact thanks to the wide range of elements which, although being destined to different uses, are in the same material and maintain the same stylistic identity.
The Scavolini "Fluida" wall system offers continuous and infinite possibilities of compositions in which creativity, formal design and technological innovation each play a role.
New geometry in terms of space, solidity is ensured as well as exclusive aesthetic quality in the two-faced partition positioned at the center of this open space area. This solution also fully responds to today’s trend towards contemporary taste and innovative functionality in new "limitless" architectural spaces.
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