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Three types of washbasin for your bathroom


Washbasin cabinet or free-standing washbasin?

Once you have evaluated the space and size available, you can choose the most suitable washbasin for your bathroom.
If - owing to limited space in your bathroom - you are unable to include items of furniture solely for storage use, then opt for a washbasin with a storage unit. On the other hand, if you have no shortage of space, then pick out a free-standing solution for its amazing scenic effect.
Whatever you decide, we have the right solution to your requirements!

Sit-on washbasins, built-in washbasins, free-standing washbasins, wall-mounted washbasins: the perfect solution for every bathroom.

Floor-standing washbasin
This contemporary, minimalist solution sees the tall free-standing washbasin star in the centre of the bathroom, creating a strong scenic impact.
The monobloc – the One model in Mineralmarmo pictured on the left – can be fitted with a wall drain or a floor drain if it is installed in the middle of the room (in this case, specific plumbing systems are required).
Another highly sophisticated floor-standing solution stars the Symphonie console (pictured right): a chrome-finish structure with ceramic sit-on washbasin accessorised with a mirror and lamps, for an exclusive bathroom.
Washbasin with Vanity unit

The basin is completed by a vanity storage unit with doors or extra deep drawers.
This space-saving solution is perfect for users for whom space is an issue.
The extra deep drawers or shelves here become the perfect allies for neat and tidy storage - thanks also to the interior equipment for optimal organisation of accessories, towels and toiletries – all your bathroom essentials.
The storage capacity of the vanity unit depends on the type of chosen washbasin: those built into the top and the sit-on versions leave more room for storage

Wall-mounted Washbasin

A wall-mounted washbasin has one great advantage: it appears to lend the whole bathroom more space.
The depth of the bathroom may determine the choice of washbasin shape: rectangular, square, round, oval or asymmetrically shaped. Brackets concealed within the washbasin itself allow it to be securely fastened to the wall.
In modern bathroom furnishing solutions, a wall-mounted washbasin is often accompanied by a single storage drawer, which always proves useful to store cosmetics, brushes, soaps and small toiletries to be kept within easy reach.

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