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Hoods, designer extraction

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Design solutions to integrate extraction systems in the kitchen with style.

Extraction is a focal topic when planning a kitchen. The hood is the heart of the kitchen, capable of offering quality air, well-being, silent operation, energy savings, safety and lighting. Integrated or visible, ceiling- or wall-mounted, the model variables to choose from are plenty and all equally important. Let’s take a deep breath, and begin!


Illuminated cooking

The extraction hood is definitely a must-have for cooking professionals. Specifically, the island hood - therefore free-standing - fitted above the hob extracts the smoke and cooking fumes directly as they are produced, having both a functional and a starring role in the kitchen environment. Thanks to its visible hanging elements, the innovative hood in the Mia by Carlo Cracco kitchen can be used to store plates and objects that are useful for everyday culinary activities. The combination of the various elements is outstanding: Dark Steel finish anodised aluminium for the structure, Steel and Stopsol glass for the shelves.

Integrated into the hood is another important function: lighting. The hob is increasingly becoming a laboratory, so preparation tasks require light since it is in the details that true chefs reveal their talent. Yet the illuminated hood is also a styling element that adds atmosphere and embellishes the domestic architectural space.


If it is beautiful, you can see it

Hoods are increasingly attractive and scenic, becoming the star of domestic design in the kitchen. In this island composition of the Exclusiva model, where elegant and refined finishes, such as Prestige White glossy lacquered and Pearl Grey Leather, are combined with precious materials such as Emperador Marble and Carrara Marble, the hood covered with modular panels in bevelled mirror with Stopsol finish makes the offering even more sumptuous and prestigious.


It’s there but you can’t see it

In some cases discretion is everything, especially in contemporary and minimal settings.

In this case, retractable hoods constitute one of the most innovative solutions, both from a functional and a styling perspective. As the name suggests, when we are cooking they are activated to extract cooking smells and fumes, and then disappear away from view when we switch off the hob.
This is an example of a retractable “Downdraft” hood which, when not in use, hides away snugly into the Portland Grey quarz top in this island composition of the Foodshelf kitchen

Industrial extraction

They renew the air in the heart of the home, where meals are shared along with everyday activities, sociability and hospitality. Wall-mounted hoods have manicured shapes and prized materials to be enjoyable to look at and stand the test of time. Moreover, they need to confirm the style of the kitchen with their design. In the case of a composition with industrial characteristics, the hood needs to be innovative and at the same time a guardian of tradition: just like the “Bolt” wall-mounted hood combined with the console for the hob in Bronze-finish, better to manage creativity at the hob.


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