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New home furnishings: a look at 2019

Furnishing advice

Here we are, 2018 is behind us and our curiosity about the new trends this coming year has been roused. Let’s discover what they are together.

The boundary between the end of one year and the beginning of another is packed with nuances, also as regards the world of design and trends. Just think of the colour red, the must-have colour in 2018 which has been confirmed for 2019 too. Certain distinguishing features instead accentuate this boundary and announce those changes which will help us create or renovate the style of our home.


Kitchenìs Trends 2019
Arredare con il vetro

If you love glass, 2019 will definitely be your year.

Furnishing with glass is a way to add brightness and colour to your home. In the kitchen and living room alike, or even in the bathroom, the beauty of glass consists in being able to use it freely in all its possible and imaginable versions, favouring coloured and screen-printed glass above all.

With tempered glass, for instance, you can achieve several possible textures depending on specific needs and tastes, to add games of luminosity and colour to your furnishings. 

Not just retro

In addition to glass, other fashionable materials will include natural materials such as wood, stones, marble, and iridescent materials such as steel, copper and brass. Their use will permit several different styles, both modern and classic, albeit innovative and will more than anything boost the current trend for the vintage look.

In the Diesel Social Kitchen, aged steel, combined with wood crafted with special vintage treatments, convey a “live” effect on sight and touch, and the metallic mesh glazing make for a mix of retro and industrial styles.


Carta da parati
Combinations of style

Indeed, it is the charm of combining several styles that is the winning feature. Now is the time for conflicting combinations of neutral hues and brighter tones (such as orange, blue, green and red), metals and aged wood, explosive floral textures and rigorous geometric patterns, Scandinavian design and Art Déco, which require a well thought-out and sophisticated amalgam of different realities, to create bespoke settings customised down to the smallest detail.

Those who prefer a more industrial style can play with patterns, fabrics and exotic and naturalist rugs. Similarly, anyone who tends to prefer a Nordic style will find an appealing creative alternative in the vintage references, in the use of wallpaper, of gold and velvet upholstery.


Multi-functional appeal

Another trend for furnishings and design in 2019 is the use of multi-functional solutions to create a genuine adaptable storage space to suit various needs. Storage units, clever, designer solutions that are both practical and attractive, to put together a flexible and seamless environment that is constantly in motion, ready to adapt to the needs of contemporary life. 


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